Marketing & Sales Automation

Together, marketing and sales automation can save your business precious effort, time, and money. Let Invictus Marketing show you the power of automation and put it to work for your business today.

  • Marketing automation uses web-based services and software to manage and automate traditional marketing processes.
  • Automated sales calls make time-consuming, manual sales tasks simple with the help of digital tools.

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Marketing & Sales Automation

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Don’t Get Left Behind

The future is now, and that future includes lots of sales and marketing automation. It gives your employees time to focus on what matters, getting through to your customers and making sales.

Traditional marketing and sales tactics can leave you in the past, with fewer prospects, and less insight into customer behavior.

When you embrace automation, you avoid getting bogged down with repetitive tasks, clunky lead acquisition, and confusing sales pipelines.

It’s time to embrace cutting-edge marketing automation tools, get your sales process and sales reps caught up, and start utilizing every sales automation tool your sales team can get their hands on.

Marketing & Sales Automation Process
Marketing & Sales Automation Process

Our Marketing & Sales Automation Process

The Invictus Marketing sales and marketing automation strategy will create leads, build your client base, and nurture new leads. We focus on content, social media, email marketing, and marketing flow optimization.

Our sales email automation tools and tactics will help you close more deals, track your leads, and provide sales email automation, and sales call automation.

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The Many Benefits of Automation

Say goodbye to tedious administrative tasks and enjoy a seamless automated marketing and sales experience with Invictus Marketing.

Automated sales emails sync up with performance data for the best results

Automatic lead assignment can significantly improve sales productivity.

Automated customer relations management (CRM) saves time and retains customers.

Marketing and sales call automation brings a new level of consistency

The Invictus Promise

We use innovative strategies, cutting-edge technology, and in-house experts to deliver omnichannel digital marketing solutions for your unique challenges. There’s no better way to quickly and rapidly boost your SEO than by working with an experienced search engine optimization specialist like Invictus. 

Invictus Marketing is a B2B online marketing agency that values customer service, innovation, and dedication to quality above all else. We guarantee our company values will impress and excite any potential partner.

If you’re ready to level up your customer journey, implement an effective omnichannel strategy, and start building up customer retention and loyalty at a greater level, the Invictus team is dedicated to helping you get there.

Integrity Above All Else

  • We value honesty and openness.
  • We express gratitude for others.
  • We take responsibility and are accountable for our actions.
  • We are patient and flexible.

Decisive Decision Making

  • We’re a result driven online marketing agency. Our decisions are thoughtful and backed with confirmation and contingency.
  • We manage expectations with calculated precision.
  • We prioritize to save time and effort.

Data & Results Guided

  • We create momentum towards your goal.
  • Every activity has a priority.
  • We strive to make things happen, fast and relatively pain-free.
  • We define the goals and strategies that set you aside from the competition.

Here Is What Our Client Say About Us

Case Studies


110% Revenue Growth Increase

The business was growing but was struggling to brand, qualify, and convert their small local community to the services they provided.

50% Revenue Growth Increase

The business was struggling to communicate the local authority, expertise, added value services, and convenience their stores offered.

47% Revenue Growth Increase

“ROAS is the only way to measure ad efficacy, right?” This was the first question we received in our first meeting with Matt & Melissa.

So, You Want To Know More?

If you scrolled this far, you’ve got to be slightly interested in what makes our business thrive. Click the button below to book a free, no obligations, consultation with one of our team members today. There’s no better way to implement affordable search engine optimization that gets results and also take advantage of our team’s expertise in ad strategies and get affordable social media management for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing and sales automation can seem confusing at work, but here are a few FAQs that might answer your more pressing questions and concerns.

Marketing automation was created to manage important marketing tasks while sales automation organizes internal workflows to make your sales pipeline manageable and easy to navigate. 

Sales automation, including sales email automation, builds on marketing automation and together they bring your company closer to closing deals, making sales, and nurturing your clients at every opportunity.

Marketing automation software is software that performs traditional marketing tasks automatically, without the need for human interaction.

Automation organizes, sorts, and nurtures leads throughout the marketing and sales cycles. 

You will see a higher conversion level and your business will attract target customers with the most purchasing potential.