How Omnichannel Marketing Helps You Reach More People?

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It’s crazy to think that 2023 is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about those quarter-one sales and marketing goals and strategies. The days of old traditional marketing methods are over, and companies now need to develop well-built business intelligence-based marketing strategies. But with today’s vast array of digital marketing options, which one is the best to help you reach your target audience? Should you opt to focus on sales funnel and content marketing strategies, or lean heavily into search engine optimization and web development? What about influencer marketing? Google Analytics? Sometimes the choices are so vast, it’s hard to tell which marketing services will provide you with the best bang for your buck.

We dropped a few quick tips below to help you identify a marketing strategy that will not only reach your target audience but also help improve your overall brand strategy! Check out these quick marketing solutions.

Tip #1: Work with a digital marketing strategist.

We know, seems a little cliche that an affordable online marketing agency is writing an article about the need to use a b2b digital marketing agency. But ultimately, by working with a digital marketing expert, you will quickly be able to identify what key digital marketing components you need for your Omnichannel target marketing strategy, and what types of digital marketing channels you can avoid and save thousands of valuable marketing dollars on.

Our team as well as many other b2b digital marketing agencies will assign your account a dedicated account manager who will help identify the key needed avenues for your digital marketing plan. While working with marketing professionals can seem daunting at first, once you get through the initial Q and A phase, your dedicated account manager will show you the key levers to pull to complete an omnichannel approach without having to activate every tool in the digital marketing toolbox.

For example, we just did a deep dive on a client’s account that was using over 15 avenues to reach their audience, with no cohesive strategy. After meeting with our marketing team, we discovered that the combination of google ads, search engine optimization, and social media ad campaigns was more than enough to create a “seen everywhere” approach for their brand. By narrowing down the avenues and streamlining the marketing strategy, our client was able to double their investment into search engine optimization and Google Ads helping them to outrank competitors. Plus, they had some leftover budget that they were finally able to apply toward their web design revamp!

Long story short, while working with digital marketing experts can seem expensive up front, strategic consulting should save you thousands in the long run.

Tip #2: Digital Marketing Services – Which ones are right for you?

Search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, sales funnels, web design, app store optimization, eCommerce businesses, the list of viable online marketing strategies grows more and more every day. So how do you determine which one is right for you?

The easiest pathway is to take a look at the ultimate end goal of each digital marketing campaign. From there, you can reverse engineer how a consumer would reach you through your given marketing strategies.

An eCommerce-focused brand that sells an item such as skin care lotion needs to imagine what pathways the customer would find their brand. When it comes to health and skin care, most people trust others’ experiences, so a social media marketing campaign based around influencer content marketing is a great plan to increase brand awareness and start getting a solid foundation of organic style reviews from various social media platforms.

So, now that the consumer has seen the product through a content marketing campaign, what naturally comes next? They begin to search for it. This is where a digital marketing strategy that is backed by search engine optimization will really pay off. When the consumer goes looking for skin care products in your niche, you should then be at the top of their results, this goes DOUBLE for anyone dipping into local SEO as well.

Now that the customer is on your website, how do we get them sold? This is where the digital marketing plan would add a layer of email or text communication as well as social media advertising retargeting. That way, based on what products the consumer looked at and what pages of your website they have visited, we can retarget offers to them with social media advertising, email marketing, and more! So no matter if your client is on social media, on Google, or in their inbox, the skincare brand would be “seen everywhere” with this omnichannel approach.

The business and or the client will always dictate the digital marketing efforts needed to produce a positive end result. Rarely do we ever see clients use the exact same integrated marketing communications setups.

Tip #3: Can’t do it all? Try search engine optimization!

We get it, everyone has a budget when it comes to their social media marketing and digital marketing strategies. While we may want to do it all, sometimes we have to be selective when it comes to our marketing team and online marketing plan.

When we frequently see clients who don’t know where to start, we love to direct them, to begin with, search engine optimization (SEO). While opening new social media accounts or launching a huge public relations campaign is the big “exciting” thing to do, we have seen no other pathway pay off larger for a client than investing in the long-term SEO strategy of their business!

Why do we love this digital marketing strategy above all the others in our toolbox? Simple! SEO is one of the ONLY digital marketing strategies where the work and money spent on the effort stay with your account for LIFE!

While other advertising services like paid ads only drive traffic and qualified leads when the marketing campaigns are live, SEO continues to work year after year for your business, even when you have turned off the core investment.

Our OTHER reason we love SEO is regardless of all the display advertising campaigns used to drive traffic, the majority of people are still using good old Google search for their shopping and service needs! People love doing their own research and feeling like they “found” the best answer to their problem, so making sure you always rank at the top of those google results can be a huge difference maker!

Let’s get started…

Well, here we are, at the end of our content marketing journey. The waters can get pretty choppy when so many terms like multichannel lead generation and responsive web design get thrown around like its common language.

That’s where we step in. At Invictus Marketing, we are not just another content marketing agency that steps in, takes orders, and collects a check.

We have been business leaders in the trenches for over a decade, helping some of the largest businesses in the nation build their marketing campaigns and conduct their industry research.

We work hand in hand with our clients to build road maps across all social media channels to create unique customer experiences that will not only drive sales but build your brand into a household name.

Sure, we can help drive massive website traffic and increase customer engagement, but what we truly pride ourselves in is becoming the marketing department to our client’s businesses that they always wished they had.

If you are ready to take the plunge and start building digital marketing campaigns that will create massive customer acquisition, backed by tremendous analytics reporting, book a free consultation today where we will work with you to build out the perfect omnichannel marketing services strategy.

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