Short Enterprises

Client Case Study

Short Enterprises owners, Matthew and Melissa Short, have created four combined multi-million-dollar companies in the span of only six years. Matthew and Melissa Short are visionaries in the nutritional supplement, retail supplement, HRT, and premade meals industries. Their brick-and-mortar businesses Stack’d Supplements, Stack’d Meals, and ManUp span across four states, and Muscle Force their nutritional supplement is a growing sports nutrition supplement brand that can be found globally.

With such a diverse portfolio of businesses, Short Enterprises, partnered with Invictus Marketing with a few goals in mind: increase lead generation, boost brand awareness, and drive e-commerce purchases. Having worked with various advertising firms that boasted futile metrics, Matt and Melissa, were eager to see true results. They came to the right place!


Increase Average Revenue Growth


Combined 6 Figure Revenue Increase

Revenue Growth


110% Revenue Growth Increase

When we took over the social advertising for ManUp the business was only 5 months old and the month over month new customer patient count was stale. The business was growing but was struggling to brand, qualify, and convert their small local community to the services they provided.

Through the utilization of Facebook leads forms and strong branded video content we have been able to increase the patient count to over 600 monthly retained patients and boost monthly revenue numbers to over six figures a month.

Stack'd Supplements

50% Revenue Growth Increase

In our first meeting we asked the Stack’d team what value points differentiated their stores from the local competition. What we identified was that they were struggling to communicate the local authority, expertise, added value services, variety, and convenience their stores offered.

From there we created a Facebook and Instagram ad strategy backed by strong branded video content that showcased the value and authority the stores provided and mixed that with low barrier to entry offers via Facebook messenger and Facebook lead forms to increase current customer retention and new customer counts.

stackd revenue growth
muscleforce revenue growth

Muscle Force

47% Revenue Growth Increase

“ROAS is the only way to measure ad efficacy, right?” This was the first question we received in our first meeting with Matt & Melissa. They had previously contracted some large “big” name agencies to manage their social media advertising prior to engaging us for work. Prior to the Apple iOS 14 Security Update agencies could rely on pixel data and pixel data alone to quote on quote scale ads. This crutch led prior contracted agencies to rinse and repeat the same “strategies” they had “proven” with similar clients and once the update went into effect the brand struggled to retain and acquire new customers because the strategy lacked any depth.

We created a Facebook and Instagram ad strategy that was based on the 12-month lifetime value of a Muscle Force customer, mixed with the utilization of lookalike audience data we received from Muscle Force buying customers. We knew if we understood the LTV of a customer we could have an accurate picture of the efficacy of our ads. Our ads were a diverse mix of branding, prospecting, lead generation with text automation, and strategic discounted retargets.

Stack'd Meals

25% Revenue Growth Increase

How do you sell and brand a product that involves a customer to completely change their lifestyle habits? Eating clean and being healthy isn’t necessarily a popular thing to do here in the Midwest. Stack’d Meals came to us having inconsistent week over week sales data which was causing inventory and supply chain issues. One week the meal ordering would be strong the next it would be weak. The Facebook and Instagram ad strategy we presented was and is still one of the most custom ad strategies we have ever made. We identified that Stack’d Meals lacked the branding to articulate the convenience and taste of their delicious meals.

We also identified that there was a lack of education on how price efficient the meals were compared to fast food and cooking at home and that there was a lack of social proof. We cured the social proof by incorporating strong demographic-focused testimonial ads. Lastly, we identified that we needed to build and scale ordering day ads to meet and increase week over week meals counts.

stackd meals revenue growth
stackd meal

“You don’t get these types of numbers without having an intimate understanding of the sales channel you are advertising in. Invictus gets it.”

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